September 23rd marks the start of the Big Club Action

[Dutch version] Starting from Saturday, everyone can once again buy and sell lottery tickets. This way, you support the club immensely, and you also have a chance to win a prize yourself.

Before September 23rd, all members will receive an email with their personal sales page link. You can share this link with all your friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, and even strangers. Put the link on your social media and/or come up with a creative action to sell as many tickets as possible.

The proceeds are crucial for the club. With this money, we can purchase the extra materials, balls, and facilities that we need.

Exciting prizes are available for those who sell tickets:

* When you sell 25 tickets (all sellers), you’ll receive a medal.

* With 40 tickets, kids (up to 13 years old) can participate in the kids’ sales competition and maybe win some great prizes.

* You can become a Club Influencer (all sellers) and have a chance to win a gift voucher from top1toys. Find the filter here.

Youth teams have been excellent sellers for years. But we would also greatly appreciate it if older members, either as a team or individually, sell as many tickets as possible. Many sellers result in a good profit. So, we genuinely call upon teams above U16 to participate. There will also be a reward from Kimbria for the top sellers. Try your luck with a super ticket (with a chance to win a club event)!

Members up to U14 already have or will soon receive booklets including their sales QR code. All others can sell tickets online via their personal link. The team sales QR code and link will be available on the website for all teams. Share it or buy a few yourself.

Sales can continue until November 13th. Booklets should be submitted a week earlier.

Lastly, we have to pay transaction fees per sale. This means that more tickets in a single transaction are more cost-effective than the same number of individual ticket sales. We appreciate every ticket sold, but if within a family (e.g., mom and dad or grandparents) tickets can be purchased together, we save on transaction costs. The prize draw considers the number of tickets, not the number of transactions.

If you don’t have a link after September 23rd, please contact

Here’s some additional information:

See how it works!

Tips and tricks

Example of a personal sales page

So, give it your best effort and help us achieve a record amount!

BC Kimbria Big Club Action Link