A thriving club like BC Kimbria also has to provide its players with uniforms on a regular basis. One of the first new business items is that we will be ordering new kits for the new season – a number of people within the club are already busy discussing this with various suppliers.
This does not stop at just game uniforms, it is something that will cover a wider range of things: think of warm-up shirts and sports bags, but also other stuff we will need as a basketball club. As a result, this offers interested parties the chance to join as a sponsor and to be able to contribute something to our organisation.

As the purchase of uniforms and materials costs a lot of money, all sponsorship income is very welcome. So we would also like to appeal to you, the members, to ask if you would be interested in helping the club with this. You can do this by sponsoring yourself if you own your own business, but your employer could also be interested, for example.
The purpose of the sponsorship income is to help Kimbria cover its costs, but also to reduce the contribution/reservation for the kits as much as possible. In other words, the more sponsorship income we manage to generate, the better it is for all members!

A sponsorship can set up in many ways: for example, as a kit sponsor, but – for example – sponsoring warm-up shirts only is also possible. In the annex, we have drawn up an outline of the options currently available.
Depending on your budget, we can surely create a suitable solution that leading to win-win situations. If you would like to receive more information about this, we would love to get in touch with you!

For more information, please contact Jorge Michielsen (Head of Tenue) and/or Stef Aelmans (Treasurer).

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Thank you in advance!

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